for Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorneys


Discover how to utilize peak-performing
entrepreneurial strategies to more effectively
market your practice, expand your team, and better
leverage operations to grow a practice that runs
smoothly without you.

Webinar Facilitator, Dave Zumpano, Esq.
Co-Founder, Lawyers With Purpose

Wednesday, July 27, 8:00 PM (Eastern) / 5:00 PM (Pacific)

Dave Zumpano
Co-Founder, Lawyers With Purpose

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Growing a successful estate or elder law practice can feel like a career in and of itself. You're busy, have legal matters to handle and staff to manage. In the hustle and bustle of a typical day, it's not unusual for practice management or marketing plans to fall by the wayside.

When this happens, however, the four essential pillars of growing a law firm go neglected - causing revenues to stall, eventually decline... and ultimately the practice begins to suffer under the crushing weight of administrative and client demands.

BUT, when you know how to "FLIP THE SWITCH" to make the pillars of practice success and peak-performing entrepreneurial wisdom work for you... can quickly transform your current law business reality into a practice that consistently fulfills your needs and meets all of your financial and/or work-life expectations.

During this free webinar, Dave Zumpano, Esq. will walk attendees
through his advanced and multi-step process of making the
transformation from a practicing attorney to an "Entreprettorney"... order to begin the process of taking back your time and
building a practice that supports the lifestyle you want.

Topics covered on this free training webinar include:

  • How to build a million dollar estate or elder law practice in under three years by scheduling just two, 90-minute strategic meetings with TARGETED referral sources each week (we'll tell you exactly what this meeting looks like and how to hit the ground running).
  • Mastering the four pillars of success that ensure consistent growth and profitability in your law practice.
  • A more effective way to turn the complexity of Medicaid and Asset Protection laws into simple value creation that is easy for clients to identify, allowing you to enroll more prospects into paying clients.
  • The key "stories" you must tell during EVERY initial meeting and/or workshop to put to bed objections and get clients to say YES to your services without haggling over price (...even when your services cost 5X more than the competition down the street!).
  • How to implement time management secrets of successful entrepreneurs, so that you are able to do more in your practice in less time, and have free time left over to do what you love.
  • Effective ways for working on the business (not in the business) in order to master lead generation, lead conversion and serve your clients to create consistent cash flow.
  • Discover the key metrics that should be the sole focus of managing your practice ... and how successful estate planning and elder law attorneys leverage tracking and reporting to reach their goals.
  • The seven essential skill sets needed for every business to continue to thrive and grow without the business owner having to be at the center of it. (All SEVEN must be filled. Some can be occupied by the same person, but not all. Learn how to avoid critical mistakes in this area!).

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